Our priority is to protect the wellbeing of our team members, guests and business partners alike during the prevailing Covid-19 era. Below we have outlined some of the new safety and sanitation measures being taken by the Hotel so you know what you can expect on your journey with us.

We hope the information provided answers any questions you may have, but if you still have any concerns before booking, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: reservations@bigbluehotel.com


  • Team Members: Keeping you safe begins with keeping our valued team members safe. The team is regularly trained in the new cleanliness and hygiene standards, they are equipped to handle confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases among guests and colleagues. They also understand how to identify potential health risks and are committed to working together to strictly follow all safety and cleaning protocols, which are detailed in this page.
  • Hand Disinfection: Hand sanitiser dispensers are available at the hotel entrance and all guests entering the hotel. Team members comply with mandatory and regular hand washing.
  • Sanitisation: We sanitise all high-touch points e.g. lifts, telephones, chair arms, tables, handrails, door handles, toilet seat/flusher, baby changing facilities regularly.
  • Social Distancing: We display social distancing marking with the use of barriers and signage clearly outlining the recommended distancing between guest and front desk, restaurant host/ess and lifts.


  • Check-in: In order to ensure a minimal check-in process, if not already done so please disclose personal data with the hotel reservations team, at least, 24 hours prior to arrival, this will reduce contact time at reception. Where possible, we would recommend pre-payment is made (a minimum of three days in advance of arrival date)


  • Temperature Check: Hotel personnel wear PPE and mandatory temperature checks may be performed at the hotel entrance.
  • Hand Disinfection: Hand sanitiser dispensers are available to all guests entering the hotel.
  • Febrile Guests: Any guest displaying a fever, high temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius or 100.04 Fahrenheit will be politely directed to the closest hospital / medical facility. In the regrettable circumstances that you are displaying a high temperature you will not be allowed into the hotel.
  • Provision of PPE: In line with Government guidelines guests should arrive at the hotel with the recommended PPE
  • Social Distancing: We have created social distancing markings with the use of barriers clearly outlining the recommended social distancing for the front desk and lifts. This ensures the recommended distance is kept between guests in the hotel lobby. Clear signage is displayed in the lobby reminding the public of the UK health guidelines.


  • PPE for Receptionists: Where stipulated by local health guidelines, team members wear protective gear.
  • Social Distancing: We have created social distancing marking barriers clearly outlining the recommended social distancing for the front desk. This ensures the recommended distance is kept between guests in the main hotel lobby.
  • Hand Disinfection: Team members comply with mandatory and regular hand washing and sanitisation.
  • Sanitising of Equipment: Front Desk and frequently touched areas are disinfected on a regular basis throughout the day and night.
  • Touchless Interactions: Touchless payment options and e-mail receipts are encouraged; Payment terminals are disinfected before and after each transaction.
  • Key Cards: Bedroom keys are sanitised prior and post to being issued by our guests.


  • Social Distancing: Clear signage is displayed to avoid overcrowding in lifts.
  • Hand Disinfection: A touchless hand sanitiser stand is available next to lifts.
  • Sanitation: We sanitise high-touch point areas in the lifts, especially operating buttons, with suitable virus killing chemicals.


  • PPE for Room Attendants: All our room attendants wear protective equipment as required by local health guidelines.
  • Housekeeping Service: Our housekeeping service is flexible on timings in order to minimise person-to-person exposure.
  • Bed Linen & Towels: Linen is handled with extreme care to prevent raising dust and potential contamination.
  • In-Room Sanitation: Frequently touched areas are disinfected regularly e.g. telephone, remote control, handles, toilet seat/flusher, faucets, shower controls, kettle, light switches, air conditioning control panel, hair dryer etc.
  • Utensils: Dirty glassware in guestrooms are sanitised accordingly.
  • Vacuum Cleaners: We replace the dust bags every four days, regardless whether they are full or not.
  • Bins: We sanitise bins with appropriate disinfecting chemicals.
  • Ventilation: Each time a bedroom is serviced; we ensure it is ventilated by opening window(s) – where applicable


  • PPE for Public Area Team: Our team members wear protective equipment as required by local health guidelines; these guidelines are enforced by management; our supervisors will monitor the proper use of PPE; PPE is replaced and sanitised as necessary.
  • Hotel Sanitation: We display signage in public areas to remind our guests and visitors to observe social distancing, hand washing / hand-sanitising.
  • Social Distancing: We have rearranged furniture in our public areas in such a way that it allows for proper social distancing.
  • Restrooms: We provide an alternative to hand dryers e.g. hand towels along with a touch free area to place used items.


  • PPE for Team Members:Our team members will wear protective gear as required by local health guidelines.
  • Hands Disinfection:Mandatory hand sanitation will be enforced for our team members. Hand sanitiser will be readily available to our team in the back of the house.
  • Social Distancing – Restaurant: We have reduced the number of tables to maintain social distancing guidelines. Tables are appropriately set apart from each other. Team members apply appropriate distancing when interacting with guests and each other.
  • Table & Chairs Disinfection: Linen will continue to be changed after each party has left and laundered as per our hygiene standards. Table tops and chair arms are disinfected after each party has left.
  • Service Style: An assisted buffet behind screens and manned by a team member is in operation for breakfast service. All food items is covered in transit for in-room dining. Table reservations are mandatory for all meals including breakfast – online bookings can be made at https://www.bigbluehotel.com/bars-restaurant/
  • Menus: We have loaded menus onto the in room TV system.
  • Food Safety: We continue to observe the strictest hygiene practices across all areas of the hotel.
  • Menu Planning: We will continue to adjust our menu offer as necessary.
  • Ventilation: We ventilate all restaurant outlets after each meal period.


  • PPE for Waiters & Hostesses: Our team members will wear protective gear as required by local health guidelines and maintain and adhere to Government guidelines concerning social distancing. All team members handling any meeting material or furniture will wear gloves.
  • Hand Disinfection: Hand sanitation will be provided at the entrance of each meeting room, sanitiser will be available to team members in the back of house areas.
  • Social Distancing Meeting Rooms: We have reduced the capacity of each of our meeting rooms.
  • Service Style: We provide individually portioned served food & beverages.
  • Meeting Room Sanitation: We sanitise all key high-touch points e.g. telephones, projectors, remote control, door/ handles, light switches, flip charts & markers, etc, after each meeting.
  • Waste: We provide touch free open topped bin with plastic liner, in all registration areas. These are emptied periodically and disinfected.
  • Ventilation: Whilst each meeting room is serviced, we ensure it is well-ventilated by opening window(s) where possible.
  • PPE for Team members: Our team members wear protective gear as required by local health guidelines. (i.e. masks, gloves, face shields)
  • Social Distancing: We have rearranged furniture in such way that allows for proper social distancing.
  • Disinfection of Furniture: Our furniture is cleaned and disinfected before and after use.


  • Temperature Check: We complete mandatory health checks prior to arrival and temperature checks on team members upon arriving at work. Team members running a temperature with/without COVID 19 symptoms will be sent home and theirs status will be reported to Management.
  • COVID-19 Symptoms: Any team member suffering from sore throat, dry cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, vomiting and / or diarrhoea will be asked to remain at home and self isolate for a minimum of 14 days
  • Hand Disinfection: Mandatory hand washing and sanitation are enforced for our team members. Hand sanitiser is readily available for team members.
  • Social Distancing: All team members comply with the social distancing rules.
    • We have staggered team member shifts where possible to enforce social distancing.
    • We have rearranged our workspaces to adhere to social distancing regulations.
  • Key High-Touch Points: Frequently touched surfaces are disinfected regularly, e.g. tables and chairs, door handles, light switches, telephones, keyboard, mouse, hot water kettle, printer/copier/scanner, etc.
  • Personal Protective Equipment PPE: Team members are given PPE as indicated by Company Policy and/or local health guidelines; supervisors will monitor the correct use of PPE. PPE will be replaced and disinfected as required.
  • Wash Hand Basins: Wash hand basins are fully equipped with necessary utilities; hot water, antibacterial wash and disposable towels. We also ensure that all our bins are disinfected daily.
  • Hand Sanitiser: Hand sanitisers are located at strategic points.
  • Outer Clothing and Personal Belongings: These items are kept inside lockers. Changing rooms are thoroughly disinfected daily.
  • Suppliers: All our suppliers deliver as per scheduled times and are not allowed to unload their products at the same time; in order for social distancing to the observed.
  • Waste Collection: Our waste collection is scheduled in order that it does not coincide with linen and food deliveries.
  • Vegetable and Fruit Sanitisation: We ensure proper cleaning of fruit and vegetables using approved sanitising agents where appropriate.
  • Kitchen Sanitation: Our operational kitchens continue to be cleaned and sanitised at more frequent intervals as dictated by hotel cleaning schedules. We use an approved COVID-19 sanitiser.
  • Disinfection of Food Equipment, Utensils and Tools: We clean and sanitise all food production equipment, preparation surfaces and all touch points frequently and as required.
  • Sterilisation of Glassware, China and Utensils: These are washed in our state of the art dishwashers and sanitised during rinse cycle of 82°C. Team members handling equipment after will wear gloves and all equipment is  stored in a sanitised environment.

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